Come Home to Boone, North Carolina and Watauga County

Come Home to Boone, North Carolina and Watauga County

Right-Sized Residential Architecture

Marland Architecture strives to help you design a home that will work for you and your family and guests now and in the future. Whether you are planning a home for an active young family or a vacation home that will become a permanant residence when you retire, we can help you design only the space that you need and spaces that will be flexible for a variety of uses. We are committed to an ecofriendly lifestyle, and our designs reflect our green mindset. When designing each home, we think about:

  • How your house will sit on the land and bask in the natural beauty
  • How the sun can be harnessed for light and heat
  • How the roof could face south for solar panels
  • How windows are placed to give views of the outside
  • How mechanical ducts can be run inside the insulation envelope
  • How plumbing pipes could be centralized to save water and energy
  • How the lighting design and appliance selections can save electricity
  • How material selections affect both initial costs and durability to reduce your maintenance time and expenditures
  • How the plan layout can eliminate wasted space
  • How to provide visual and acoustic privacy between living and sleeping spaces
  • And so much more. 

We look forward to developing your ecofriendly architectural dreams in Boone, NC!

Our computer modeling process allows you to see your new home in 3D as the design progresses. See the Computer Modeling tab for details.